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Powerful Now | Tamar Kagan | Leadership Coaching

Powerful Now helps you develop focus and find balance within yourself and the context in which you live and work.  This strengthens your ability to positively impact your environment and enhance your performance.

Life and work can take many unexpected twists and turns.  For many mid-career professionals this can be a challenging time.  You might find yourself with a new opportunity that is both exciting but also overwhelming; or you may be experiencing a professional or personal plateau.  There may be a gap between your hopes and expectations, and the reality of the situation.

Whether you are a leader or an individual contributor in a big organization or small start-up, in a non-profit or you’re self-employed, these times can be disruptive and unsettling.  In this state, it can be difficult to be and do your best.

What’s New

Finding Focus in a Frenetic World

A One-Day Workshop for Leaders and Professionals

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Working Together

Powerful Now is a unique coaching approach that builds and strengthens the capacity for being in the present moment as it is, while supporting you in becoming more self aware and clear about what you want and what’s in the way.  Awareness leads to choice, choice leads to action, and action leads to meaningful outcomes.

Individual Coaching

When you decide to focus completely on your own learning and development, change happens! I find a combination of in person and phone sessions work well; however, I’m always flexible with what works best for my clients. Engagements typically start with a three-month program, with the possibility of extending to six or twelve months. Together we create a coaching plan early in the process based on your unique needs. One-on-one coaching engagements are initiated by you or contracted through your organization.

You could be:

  • A seasoned leader who is looking for the next challenge and asking herself what is needed to develop and move towards what’s next.
  • A leader or individual contributor who has received challenging feedback that important skills need to be developed.
  • A new manager who has never led a team asking how to set himself and his team up for success.
  • A working parent who is juggling work and family and struggling to focus on what is important in both domains.
  • A professional in a changing business asking himself what other career options make sense and how to make the move.

Team/Group Coaching

A group of 8-12 individuals meeting for a period of time to focus on a relevant topic of interest. The group may be individuals from one organization or may come together from a variety of contexts. The theme or focus for the group is what unites the participants. The format is a mix of facilitation and coaching – core ideas/themes are presented with the opportunity for individual inquiry, reflection, goal setting, and action.

Coaching Topics Could Include:

  • Developing Greater Focus & Attention
  • Navigating Change & Uncertainty
  • Optimizing Performance – Yours and the Team
  • Building Resilience
  • Realigning With Your Career Direction
  • Cultivating Your Professional Presence

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About Me

I have worked as a coach for over twelve years. At the centre of my work is my passion for supporting clients to develop greater awareness of their strengths and challenges, communicate effectively, make decisions, and tap into their potential.

My personal and professional experience has given me a deep understanding of the feelings of burnout, disengagement and diminished effectiveness that result from continually striving, planning, orchestrating and juggling. It is exhausting! My exposure to the practice of mindfulness has shifted my ability to manage my racing thoughts.  It has given me a much deeper understanding of the human brain and how it shapes life experience.  I have a more nuanced conception of what it really means to be in the present moment– not as I might wish it to be, but as it is.  Minimizing autopilot and engaging fully in life and work is what I want for myself and it is also what I want for my clients; full engagement in life and work for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.

Sample Title

I am a lifelong learner with the intention to bring the very best of me to my clients.  My credentials include:

  • Designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) granted by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • EQ-i 2.0/EQ-360 Certification
  • Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™ (B.C.A.C.C.)
  • Adler International’s Professional Coaching Certification Program (A.C.P.C.)
  • M. Ed. in Adult Education, University of Toronto/OISE
  • Certificate, Foundations in Applied Mindfulness Meditation, University of Toronto/Faculty of Social Work
  • Certified Career Transition Coach, Career Partners International

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Tamar Kagan

PCC, M.Ed.


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